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Our Story

It's a family effort. 

Mama Mel is CEO.

Evan is Chief Creative Officer.

Tyler is Chief Product Officer.

And little Coco is Chief Sniff & Play.

Behind The Scenes

Yes. All of our artwork is handmade—which means we start with hand sketching. Every morning after we make our beds, brush our teeth and change our clothing, we draw when Mama is making us breakfast. Then we pin our artwork on the wall, and all three of us would choose the best for the next round—painting!

Breathing Life Into The Doodles

After selecting from hundreds of doodles, we pick a few creatures that are worthy to join the league of Super Bobanis. We lay the foundation for the color palette, the story behind each Bobanis. While we tell our Mama about each character's favorite foods and superpowers, our Mama helps us paint. Sometimes she uses gouache, and sometimes she uses acrylic paints. 

From Inspiration
To Product Design

Everything inspires our creations: our nightly dreams, the foods that we enjoy, the colors that we see, the trips that we take, our nature walks, our weekends at the beach, our trips to Palm Springs, and of course, our favorite drink—the Boba Milk Tea!

Let's Imagine A Brighter Future—TOGETHER

Interested in becoming our partner? Connect with us at to learn how our joint efforts can help raise awareness for your charity.

Live, Love, Laugh

We hope our art will speak to your heart, liven up your day, and inspire you to live a full, compassionate life.

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