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Mango Bobani

Meet Mango. He loves mango boba. He is a tall order; half sugar with 40% ice. Oh-so refreshing!

Honey Bobani

The classic Honey Bobani. He can be served hot or cold; preferably with the classic milk tea. 

Matcha Bobani

Our Matcha Bobani will boost your energy. The perfect compliment to an avocado smoothie. 

Rare NFT Drop: Limited Edition Bobanis
Available on PORTION

Thai Ice Bobani

The condensed milk in this little guy is to die for. Try topping it off with some gold foil frothing.

Coming Soon

Rose Milk Bobani

This tasty creature has the highest vibration—velvety, rich, and simply sensational.

Coming Soon

Jelly Ice Bobani

Extra texture, extra chewy and extra slurpy. Perfect with strawberry green tea.

Coming Soon
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