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Welcome To Our Enchanted Atelier


Oculus Quest (1 and 2) | PCVR (via Steam) | Web (WebGL) | iOS (App Store) | Android (Google Play) | HoloLens  | Magic Leap . Like any other VR apps, please allow 10 seconds or so for the environment to fully load.

When our mama said we could build our own metaverse, we insisted on one thing—it had to be MAGICAL.  We went on and on about how we wanted our space to be surrounded by beautiful giant flowers (just like in the movie, Avatar), and we wanted our building to look like a giant boba creature! We also imagined colorful interior spaces that we can enjoy and hang out with our friends.

Ever Evolving

This atelier will always be evolving. Every month, we plan on adding new content within the building with new designs and art. We hope this will become a destination where artists, dreamers, architects, and brands can come together to collaborate.


Inspired by the kids' fascination with their favorite Boba drinks, this structure encapsulates the essence of joy, wonder, and awe.

The Grand Salon

We want you to experience the textures, brush strokes, and brilliant colors in our grand salon while enjoying an afternoon tea, surrounded by lush flora.

The Gallery

Rules are meant to be broken. 

Come immerse in an unconventional gallery experience.

The World of NFTs, Metaverse, and VR

Mama said anything is possible—especially in a metaverse. While this first launch is a single-level experience, we told her we want to have secret elevators and portals to take us to different bubbles with different rooms. While she is busy building those for us, we continue to create more magical creatures and art. If you have fantastical ideas to add, come join us for boba tea in our Grand Salon and let's discuss all things tech and art!

Always Curious.
Always Imagining.

We want you to get curious with us!

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