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Deliciously Cute

In our house, creativity rules. We draw, we paint, we dance around to BTS' Dynamite, and we play Roblox....of course. And sometimes we dream of our cute little creatures and monsters with SUPERPOWERS and HUGE appetites for Boba and FroYo. Come explore with us!

Delightfully Cheeky

We drive our Mama crazy. We know. One of the ways she keeps us calm is by having us journal our dreams and our thoughts, while she tries to work and take care of us. We seem to interrupt her all the time during her Zoom calls. So she found a way for us to stay focused while she actually works to make money! (So that we can eat MORE boba.) Come see how we create.

Creativity Begins With Purpose

In our Mama's favorite movie, Contact,  Jodie Foster's character, the brilliant Dr. Ellie Arroway, famously said, "Funny, I've always believed that the world is what we make of it." And it is exactly how we view this world, believing the good in humanity while honoring Mother Earth with a deep sense of gratitude and respect by protecting and cherishing it.  That was how our art was born.

Our Mama always said we may not have a lot, but we have enough. So a portion of our proceeds from every purchase will be donated to causes we are passionate about. From women's empowerment, climate action, children's health and education, and animals, we are committed to giving to people, animals, and protecting Mother Earth. When you shop, we donate.

Art For Cause
Just Dropped: Party Like An Animal

Finally! Our fantastic, mystical creatures make their debut in our highly exclusive, limited-edition Italian silk scarves. Only 50 pieces of each design are made available in the world. 

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